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Your question has been transcribed onto a thin but durable piece of bamboo paper by our lead hand-writer Sam. Sam has impeccable handwriting. Our bamboo paper is more sustainable and slightly lighter than the standard mulch paper used by most, which is easier on our team and the environment.

Sam’s assistant is now carefully placing your question into a secure wooden box (re-usable), which is double wrapped in recycled wrapping paper for a nice combination of security and style.

Your question will then be transferred to our flight department for delivery, where it will be picked up by our resident owl Sandra.

Sandra will delicately secure your package with her talons to make sure your question is not lost or damaged during its delivery.

We’re happy to report that in all 5 years of working with us, Sandra has never lost a single question!

Once Sandra delivers your question to our elf sorting team (lead by Alvin), your question will be interpreted to make sure we understand the problem you are experiencing.

From there, Alvin and his team will have a group discussion to determine who in our organization would be the absolute best person to answer your question. Sometimes this deliberation can take up to two hours, but usually it’s only a few minutes.

Alvin will then personally deliver your question and any notes from his team to the appropriate person who can provide a thorough answer for you.

You can expect to hear an answer back from our specialist within a day or two.

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