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SEO Site Audits

Growing visibility in search engines starts with a simple step: get a baseline understanding of your performance with a custom audit performed by an SEO expert.

Technical SEO Audit

Purpose: Our site audit gives you a baseline performance check on your website and uncovers any problems preventing your business from appearing in search results. 

Our Approach: We conduct a manual review of your website following our custom checklist. Our technical review checklist has evolved over the last 5 years to be as inclusive as possible and to stay relevant with Google’s algorithm updates.  All of our checks are backed by data and performance metrics we source from various SEO tools.  

Timing & Cost: Depending on the size of your website, effort input will vary. We will provide you with a fixed-price quote and timeline after evaluating your site and any specific issues you have reported.  

Core SEO Health Checks

The 3 core tenets of a healthy site make sure you are set up for optimal visibility search results. We’ve honed our technical review over the last 5 years to keep it relevant to Google’s best practices. 


Why It’s Important: Collecting the right data about your site’s performance will allow you to:

  1. Catch any problems that arise so you can fix them before they impact your business.
  2. Properly evaluate performance so you can find ways to make your site more effective in supporting your growth. 

What We’re Looking For: Is your website properly set up to capture reliable performance data? At a minimum you should have Google Analytics and Google Search Console properly integrated.


Why It’s Important: If search engines are not able to crawl your website, you will not be listed in the search results. Making sure the pages and content you want listed in search results are accessible and those you don’t want are not. 

What We’re Looking For: Are there any aspects of your website that are hindering search engines like Google from effectively crawling your website?


Why It’s Important: How you are indexed in a search engine’s database directly impacts how you appear in their search results. Make sure you are providing accurate metadata to search engines about your content so your search results are as accurate as possible.  

What We’re Looking For: How are your web pages and meta data structured? Are you providing the best information possible to search engines so they can properly index your pages in their database?  Make sure you don’t have any website features that may be penalized. 

Example Site Audit Report

Note: Your site audit may vary slightly from the example provided here because:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SEO audits still relevant?

Yes. While content management systems have helped to make sites more indexable, there is still a high chance that your site is not in optimal condition for search engines.

What makes your audit different from other audits?

Our process is built to find growth opportunities for your organization. We conduct a manual review of your site while most others run automated reports.

How often should I audit my site?

The following circumstances warrant an audit of your site:

  • To Find Growth Opportunities – At the outset of an organic search marketing campaign
  • To Vet Out Performance Issues – In the event you suspect your site is underperforming
  • Before and After Big Updates – Any time you make big site updates, make sure you haven’t hindered the health of your site
  • For Peace of Mind – You may want to conduct an audit quarterly or semi-annually to ensure your site is in good health, especially if you’re making significant site updates