Who We Are

We are a team united under one belief…

We’ve come together because we share a common belief: Our natural environment is at risk and we are responsible for protecting it.

Some of us surf, some hike, some just enjoy fresh air. We all have a connection to the natural world we want to protect. We’ve come together to use our skills to move us all closer to a more sustainably managed environment.

Ranking keywords and raising awareness is meaningful when we do it for organizations that share our values and vision for the future.


We seek to advance environmental and social progress by helping impact organizations perform at their highest level.


To educate millions of people by growing the impact of environmental organizations.


We’ve built our reputation on integrity. We are honest, reliable, and always seek to find the truth that will bring us closer to our mission.

One Step At A Time

We shift the world’s trajectory by making one good decision after another and consistently showing up to do the work.

Meet The Impact Team

David Evans

Founder, Lead Strategist

Shari Reynolds

Project Manager

Sammy Lynn

Lead Writer

Hazel Santos

Keyword Research Specialist