Google’s August 2023 Core Updates: How to Handle It

Five months after the first core update of the year, Google rolled out yet another series of core updates that aimed to refine how websites are ranked. Google announced the second update last August 22, 2023. The rollout took 16 days to complete and was finally completed by September 7, 2023.    Understanding Core Updates […]

Google’s April 2023 Reviews Updates: Changes to Watch Out For

The April 2023 reviews update is the expanded update of the product reviews updates. This new algorithm update goes beyond evaluating reviews of products to evaluating content related to reviews of products, services, games, movies, destinations, and more. The algorithm update may impact any site that publishes content related to these types of reviews. The […]

Google’s February 2023 Product Reviews Update: What To Expect

Google released the latest product reviews update on February 21, 2023. This latest product reviews update expands previous updates from English to apply to several more languages. Languages included in the update: Spanish German French Italian Vietnamese Indonesian Russian Dutch Portuguese Polish Rollout Duration The update was announced in a Google tweet, and the rollout […]

Google’s December 2022 Link Spam Update: What You Need To Know

On December 14, 2022, Google released the latest link spam update. In this update, sites lost search ranking credits that resulted from unnatural or spammy links. This update impacted site rankings across a variety of site types. The update also extended to all languages. In this update, Google used SpamBrain, its AI-based spam-prevention system, for […]

History of Google Algorithm Updates

What is a Google algorithm? Google algorithms are a set of rules that Google uses to rank web pages in search results. Google uses algorithms and other ranking factors to determine web page rankings according to the quality and relevance of content. How often does Google update its algorithms? In its early years, Google only […]

The New Rules for Page Optimization

Search engines have changed the way they select the top results, but most SEO’s are still “optimizing” for the old way search engines operated. Here we explain what modern optimization looks like so you can focus on the things that will work and stop wasting resources on the things that don’t.

Metadata for SEO in 2023: How To Get It Right

Despite how simple this aspect of SEO is, many people get it wrong. Follow this guide to make sure you have your bases covered and you aren’t giving your competitors an easy advantage in the search results.