Searching for The SEO Unicorn

How to find big wins instead of tiny incremental gains Problem: It’s nearly impossible to outrank established websites within my niche. We make tiny gains with our efforts but it isn’t enough. Solution: Try the VC approach to SEO, thus giving yourself a chance to own search in the next big market within your niche. […]

What The iOS 14.5 Apple Update Means for Nonprofit Marketers

Apple’s latest update (iOS 14.5 iPhone) makes it easier for iPhone owners to control data collection which will indirectly make it harder for nonprofit marketers to reach donors on certain platforms. This update is the most prominent step toward data privacy for the end user. It’s an important milestone for privacy rights but also requires […]

3 Reasons Why Large Environmental Nonprofits Need To Check Their SEO (NOW)

Medium to large sized environmental nonprofits are more at risk than most when it comes to search engine optimization. Taking action to uncover blind spots doesn’t take long. You just need to know what to look for and how to execute. In this article I’ll explain: Why your nonprofit may be at risk of poor […]

Website Analytics for Nonprofits: 5 Metrics That Will Help You Build Success

How do you know if your nonprofit’s website is underperforming, and how can you find ways to improve it? Your nonprofit’s website plays a key part in raising support and awareness for your cause, and in driving donations. Websites are also becoming much more important as more people move to digital communication. There are several […]

What are channels?

Channels are a way of measuring how people reach your website. Understanding how people reach your website can help you improve the way you reach people and raise awareness for your business or organization. Here are the most common channels you will see in Google Analytics and progress reports: Organic Search – Website visitors who […]

SEO for Nonprofits: How Page Optimizations Change Keyword Rankings

To make the most of your time and budget, conduct an economic analysis of your pages and keywords. Key Considerations: Understand which web pages are most important to your cause Know which keywords are most valuable to you Map your valuable keywords to your most important pages Note: Don’t try to optimize for too many […]

Digital First Comm for Environmental Nonprofits: 5 Ways To Excel in The Post-COVID World

If you’re responsible for raising awareness and generating donations, the future of your organization is in your hands.  COVID accelerated big changes that are disrupting how we market and destabilizing our organizations… but, they also pose a tremendous growth opportunity for those who can adapt. If your marketing and communications haven’t fully adapted, your organization […]

Overlooked Fundamentals That Are Eating Your Budget

3 Digital Marketing Fundamentals That Will Save You Budget & Time We limit our growth potential when we deprive ourselves of the fundamental tools that make marketing work.  More importantly, it is a disservice to our organization and the people we seek to help, when we do not adhere to the principles of responsible marketing. […]

Google Ad Grant Activation Guide

Your Step by Step Guide (2021) Required: Before you can activate the $10k per month Google Ad Grant for your nonprofit, you need to have an active Google for Nonprofits account. If you don’t have an active Google for Nonprofits account follow our step by step guide: How To: Activate Your Google for Nonprofits Account […]

How To Apply for Google Ad Grant

Your Step by Step Guide (2021) This guide will walk you through the entire process, from start to finish, of activating the $10k per month Google Ad Grant for your nonprofit. Easiest Guide Online – The only thing easier than following this guide, is having someone activate the Ad Grant for you. Want a pro […]