Searching for The SEO Unicorn

How to find big wins instead of tiny incremental gains Problem: It’s nearly impossible to outrank established websites within my niche. We make tiny gains with our efforts but it isn’t enough. Solution: Try the VC approach to SEO, thus giving yourself a chance to own search in the next big market within your niche. […]

Blog Post Optimization Best Practices

Follow these best practices to help your content rank higher in search engines. Title Optimization Best Practices Search + Searcher Factor – Include your target keyword in title Prioritize Readability – Don’t sacrifice readability for keyword insertion Use Similar Keywords – It’s okay to use closely related words (when you can’t use the exact keyword) […]

Keyword Research

Strengthen your digital campaigns with proper keyword research Keywords play a critical role in your ability to reach and communicate with your target market. Part 1: Finding Relevant Keywords To be successful, you need to vet all of the possible keywords that each of your segments is searching. Explore all topics that are in the […]

Segment Brief + Journey

How to accelerate growth with focus and clarity for your marketing The foundation of a winning digital marketing strategy is clarity on who you are trying to reach and how you communicate with them. In this guide you will learn about the two fundamental parts of your marketing foundation: Part 1: Defining Your Market Segments […]

Handling SEO for Language and Region Targeting

SEO is a game of economic analysis. If you aren’t informed properly you may spend a significant amount of time and money trying to fix an SEO “issue” unnecessarily. Avoid wasting time and money buy getting the low-down first and evaluating what impact your potential actions will have on your site. Questions Answered Here:  How […]

How To Register Your Site with Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is a helpful resource for you to keep your website functioning properly and to get value insights into performance. Some benefits of GWT include: Get notified when you have site performance issues See how Google indexes your webpages Get tips from Google for site optimizations Access performance reports and data you […]

Google Analytics – How To Get The Data You Need

In the previous two guides we covered how to choose a channel to focus on and how to evaluate campaign performance. Focus On The Channels That Will Get Results Scorecard: A Framework for Evaluating Marketing Spend If you have your Scorecard setup, now you need to get the right data. Here’s a quick walkthrough of […]

Google Analytics – How To Setup Conversion Tracking (Goals)

Need to setup conversion metrics so you can evaluate website performance? Questions Answered: What conversions should I track? How do I setup conversion tracking for my main goals? How can I make sure my conversions are working? Part 1: Types of Conversions Part 2: Creating A Simple Conversion Goal Part 3: Testing Your Conversion Goal […]