Content Strategy

Problem: We Don’t Know What To Write

Creating blog content without an effective strategy is a waste of resources.

We only write content that plays a specific role in reaching and building trust with our target audience.

Content gaps in your blog are content gaps in your digital funnel. We typically find multiple gaps in our Gap Analysis research.

Our Strategy: Methodical Research and Planning

Topic Research – We find out what our target audience is searching for.

Content Gap Analysis – We evaluate what we have covered and what we’re missing.

Competitor Research – We find out what our competitor’s have covered and what we’ll need to do to beat them.

Prioritized Plan – We create a prioritized action plan that your team or our team can execute.

Here’s a visualization of a content strategy we built for a client who seeks to become the authority for ethical audits.

Results: Keywords + Topics + Outlines

We provided our client’s writers with a prioritized strategy. Each topic included a detailed outline guiding the writer to create content better than our competitors.

We are able to further support content execution with:

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David E
David E

My SEO Journey: mentee >> freelancer >> top rated on Upwork >> agency owner... I've come a long way over the last 10 years. This blog covers everything I wish I knew when I was younger. Enjoy!

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