6 Signals Your Website May Be Sending To Prospects

Your website doesn’t just represent you business.

It represents HOW you do business and WHAT you stand for.

Your website directly and subliminally sends signals to your prospects, partners, and anyone else who finds you on the web about what type of business you are and what it’s like to work with you.

What is your website saying about your company?

Are you the type of company that…

1) Is organized, honest, and treats their clients right?


2) Cluttered, hard to understand, and leaves your clients wanting more?

Here are 3 negative signals your website may be sending 

Scenario 1 – Outdated Website

If you have an outdated website you’re already well aware of it, but haven’t made the effort to change. Here’s what your outdated website is saying about your company:

Signal: If this company doesn’t care to keep up their website, will they care about their clients and their quality of work? Is this company even still in business?

Scenario 2 – Cluttered Website, Difficult to Navigate

We’ve all experienced a website that is cluttered and/or difficult to navigate. You click and scroll… but can’t seem to find the information you’re looking for. It’s not a good experience and often results in returning to Google search to find a website that CAN provide the right information.

Signal: If this website is this hard to navigate, working with them will probably also be difficult.

Scenario 3 – Pushy Pop-ups on Website

Pop-up windows, chat bots, and scrolling bars do work… for some websites, in some niches, with specific goals. They ARE NOT for everyone. Many websites make the mistake of employing these tactics against their own benefit. When used improperly they work against your website’s ability to provide a good experience and build trust with your prospects. 

Signal: This is irritating… I’m distracted from getting the real information I am looking for. Does this company do quality work or do they rely on cheap tactics to get ahead?

Here are 3 positive signals your website can send.

Scenario 4 – Communication On Website Is Clear

Think about the copy on your website as if you are speaking to a potential new client. Are you articulating your value clearly and helping your client find the solution they are looking for?

Signal: These are professionals. I can expect them to communicate clearly when we are working together.

Scenario 5 – Website Navigation Is Intuitive

It feel refreshing to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for on a website. As website owners we want our visitors to feel good when interacting with our brand. Don’t make your visitors work too hard to get what they want!

Signal: Working them will be smooth and easy. 

Scenario 6 – The Next Step Is Natural

After you’ve attracted the right website visitor, explained your service, and built trust…. it’s nice to know what’s next, without having to think too hard. Having the right next step at the right time is the best ending to a great interaction with the digital version of your company.  

Signal: I am in good hands. I know what to expect. 

What You Need To Know

You probably already know if your website is behind or ahead of the curve. If you’re like most business owners, you know improving your website is something you need to do, but you’ve put it off because you don’t have the time, expertise, or money. 

You probably don’t know… how much it’s hindering your ability to thrive.

Bad News: More people are staying at home and interacting digitally… so if you’re website is having a negative impact on visitors, your business is suffering more and more. 

Good News: You don’t need to have an elaborate and elegant website for it to make a great impression on your prospects. You might be only a few moves away from shifting from a bad experience to a great one.  

What does your website say about your company?

I recommend taking an inventory of your website and outlining what you need to fix. Then, find a way to get it done RIGHT.

If you need help getting started, shoot me a note.

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