The Purpose of Your Website

Why does my website REALLY exist? Seriously…

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For: Impact Entrepreneurs

Why does your website exist?

If your organization (freelancer, small business, corporation, non-profit) exists to solve a specific problem for a specific person…

Then, what role does your website play in this journey?

Your website exists to help someone else solve a problem.

A proper-functioning website should:

  1. Help your target customer find your solution
  2. Clarify the details of why their problem is important and how you can help solve it
  3. Show them the way by pointing them in the direction of the next best step they can take

Part 1: Help your target audience find your solution

The right people need to be able to find you at the right time.

If they aren’t finding you they are either finding no solution and moving on OR finding one of your competitors and working with them.

Part 2: Clarify the details of their problem and how you can help solve it

Having your ideal client/customer/supporter find you is just the beginning.

Often times, they need help understanding the details and importance of their problem.

If they are not clear on their problem, they won’t be able to make a decision about paying for a solution.

An effective website also clearly explains the solution you offer. It should be easy for your website visitor to know how you can help them.

This sounds simple but is often poorly executed, causing a major problem for the functionality and effectiveness of your website.

Part 3: Show them the way

Make sure your website has appropriate guidance to take your visitor to the right next step.

Should they be…

  • Scheduling a call for more information?
  • Downloading a brochure?
  • Finishing the purchase process?
  • Other?

Mistiming or misplacing these requests can cause you to lose a significant portion of site visitors.

Get The Answers

I’ll be breaking each of these down and providing actionable tips for impact entrepreneurs to grow their business and grow their impact.

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