Google Analytics – How To Get The Data You Need

In the previous two guides we covered how to choose a channel to focus on and how to evaluate campaign performance. Focus On The Channels That Will Get Results Scorecard: A Framework for Evaluating Marketing Spend If you have your Scorecard setup, now you need to get the right data. Here’s a quick walkthrough of […]

Google Analytics – How To Setup Conversion Tracking (Goals)

Need to setup conversion metrics so you can evaluate website performance? Questions Answered: What conversions should I track? How do I setup conversion tracking for my main goals? How can I make sure my conversions are working? Part 1: Types of Conversions Part 2: Creating A Simple Conversion Goal Part 3: Testing Your Conversion Goal […]

Google Analytics – Evaluating Channel Performance

In this intro to Google Analytics video we explain how to evaluate where your website visitors are coming from. Which channels are performing the best? Which channels are driving the most visitors? Which channels are driving the most conversions? Next: Evaluating Webpage Performance (Organic Search)

Google Analytics – Getting Started

Learn how to navigate Google Analytics and where to focus. Find useful data in 2 minutes by knowing where to look. Next: How To Evaluate Channels