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Growth Evaluation – Light Website Audit: Choose To Do Inc.

This audit provides actionable tips and takeaways to:

  • Grow awareness for your cause
  • Build trust with your website visitors
  • Increase your donations and volunteer applications

Website Review Summary

NOTE: The correct website for this nonprofit is:

Visit Nonprofit: Choose To Do Inc.

About Choose To Do Inc.

What: Mentor underprivileged youth. 

Why: Providing children with a healthy support system helps them develop into their best possible selves and builds a stronger future for everyone. 


  • Online Courses
  • Mentoring
Growth Goals

Grow Social Media engagement by 20%

Create a communication plan to keep volunteers informed

Grow exposure for our organization (possibly through new media outlets)

Grow awareness for our programs:

  • Mentorship Program
  • Internship Program
  • Online Classes

Growth Opportunities

Raising Awareness

  • Optimize for Search Results so people can find you through search engines
    • Branded vs Non-branded
  • Start Local to provide relevant opportunities to people who want to support their local communities and see a tangible outcome from their donation.

Building Trust

  • Clarify Your Messaging so website visitors know exactly what you do and how they can participate.
  • Provide Clear Evidence of the work you have done to show your organization is effective and build trust in potential donors that their dollars are going to good use.

Encouraging Visitors to Take Action

Questions or Comments?

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