How to Grow Cause-Driven E-commerce Startup in the Initial Growth Phase

This audit provides actionable tips and takeaways to:

  • Grow awareness for your cause
  • Build trust with your website visitors
  • Increase your donations and volunteer applications

Website Review Summary

Quick Notes

More Info: Growing Your Online Authority

Visit Nonprofit: Shiki Wrap

About Shiki Wrap

What: Reusable gift wrap made from recycled plastic.

Why: Reduce the waste of single use gift wrap.


  • Shiki reusable gift wraps!
Growth Goals

Grow B2C sales and build B2B partnership sales.

Growth Opportunities

Raising Awareness

How do we raise awareness for our product?

  • Keyword Research + Optimize for Search Results so people can find you through search engines (organically)
    • Branded vs Non-branded Optimization
    • Provide relevant educational information
  • Email Outreach – Identify businesses that carry eco-friendly gifts, build a list, outreach template, and setup auto-outreach tools.

Building Trust

How do we build trust with our site visitors?

  • Integrate Trust Builders into your most important pages. (Then make sure you have a clear and simple CTA for a logical and easy next step) 
    • Partners
    • Testimonials (where relevant)
  • Build Quality Content >> An Authority Foundation and use it to 1) help specific segments navigate your site, and 2) provide relevant and timely follow-up content via email and retargeting.
    • Instructional Videos
    • Cause Info: Plastic Waste

More Info: What is an Authority Foundation?

Encouraging Visitors to Take Action

How do we get our potential supporters to take action: volunteer or donate?

  • Make It Easier for visitors to shop.
    • Add a clear Shop button
    • Offer pre-order discount
  • Re-engage Interested Visitors via remarketing through email, with FB pixel, and Adwords pixel.

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