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SEO Advice for Early Stage Nonprofit

This audit provides actionable tips and takeaways to:

  • Grow awareness for your cause
  • Build trust with your website visitors
  • Increase your donations and volunteer applications

Website Review Summary

Quick Notes

More Info: Growing Your Online Authority

Visit Nonprofit: Libertas Home

About Libertas Home

What: Eradicate sex trafficking in the Washington metropolitan area.

Why: Only 1% of trafficking victims are ever able to leave the sex trade. Of that, 80% are often forced to return to the trafficker because there is no place for them to go.


  • Safe Home – providing a safe home for trafficked individuals.
  • Education – providing classes for community education.
Growth Goals
  • Primary: Continue to reach more people through awareness via the CCLA website

Growth Opportunities

Raising Awareness

  1. Update Website to include original imagery and more information.
  2. Optimize for Search Results so people can find you through search engines (organically)
    1. Branded vs Non-branded Optimization
    2. Provide relevant educational information
  3. Utilize Adwords – Ensure you are ranking for Branded terms and high-value Non-Branded terms.

Building Trust

  1. Build More Educational Content and use it to showcase what your organization does.

Encouraging Visitors to Take Action

  1. Update Donate page to clarify the value exchange that takes place between you and donors and make the donation process simpler.

Questions or Comments?

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