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Use The Google AdGrant to Raise Funds & Recruit Volunteers

This audit provides actionable tips and takeaways to:

  • Grow awareness for your cause
  • Build trust with your website visitors
  • Increase your donations and volunteer applications

Website Review Summary

Quick Notes

More Info: Growing Your Online Authority

Visit Nonprofit: Feonix Mobility Rising

About Feonix Mobility Rising

What: Support transportation needs for underserved communities.

Why: Disadvantaged persons need assistance with critical transportation (school, work, doctor, etc.) so they can achieve their highest potential and support a healthy community.

HowMobility Solutions

  • Mobility Management – Mobility by Design Program and more…
  • Education
  • Partnerships
Growth Goals
  • Top priorities for growth:
    • Supporters
    • Awareness
    • Donations

Growth Opportunities

Raising Awareness

  1. Utilize Adwords – Ensure you are ranking for Branded terms and high-value Non-Branded terms.
  2. Improve + Optimize Content to help you rank for more non-brand search terms.

The Google AdGrant is $10k of ad spend every month.
Set up the correct campaign to correctly utilize the Google AdGrant.

Building Trust

  1. Build More Educational Content and use it to 1) help specific segments navigate your site, and 2) provide relevant and timely follow-up content via email and retargeting.
    1. Expand your informational content to help your site visitors find the information they need.
Your success depends on how well you can communicate with your potential supporters.

Encouraging Visitors to Take Action

  1. Update Primary CTA so it is very clear, what you want your visitors to do.
  2. Need Volunteers? Clearly state what type of help you are looking for with a dedicated Volunteer Opportunity page.

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