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Website Growth Tips for Local Environmental Nonprofit

This audit provides actionable tips and takeaways to:

  • Grow awareness for your cause
  • Build trust with your website visitors
  • Increase your donations and volunteer applications

Website Review Summary

Quick Notes

More Info: Growing Your Online Authority

Visit Nonprofit: Save Rose Creek

About Save Rose Creek

What: Restore and preserve Rose Creek.

Why: Rose Creek provides essential habitat for species such as the endangered Gnatcatcher and is an essential part of a healthy ecosystem in Clairemont, UC, Mission Bay and PB.


  • Educational Resources
  • Advocacy
  • Restoration Projects
Growth Goals
  • Grow supporters
    • Educate – understand value of creek
    • Help – with restoration
    • Advocate – support on local issues

Growth Opportunities

Raising Awareness

  • Optimize for Search Results so people can find you through search engines (organically)
    • Branded vs Non-branded Optimization
    • Provide relevant educational information
  • Unlock Google AdGrant – Access up to $10k every month of AdWords budget to help reach people in and around your community.

Building Trust

  • Integrate Trust Builders into your most important pages. (Then make sure you have a clear and simple CTA for a logical and easy next step) 
    • Project success metrics
    • Support from other organizations
    • Testimonials (where relevant)
  • Build An Authority Foundation and use it to 1) help specific segments navigate your site, and 2) provide relevant and timely follow-up content via email and retargeting.

More Info: What is an Authority Foundation?

Encouraging Visitors to Take Action

  • Make It Easier for visitors to take a first step toward supporting your organization.
    • Define how you want people to support your cause
    • Add relevant CTAs to your website
  • Re-engage Interested Visitors via remarketing through email, with FB pixel, and Adwords pixel.

Questions or Comments?

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