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What is a marketing foundation?

Our Marketing Foundation

Our marketing foundation enables us to be effective as a team across multiple channels. This research and documentation process helps us:

  • Focus – Ensure we know your growth goals and everything we do supports them. 
  • Clarify – Learn who our target audience is and how to reach them. 
  • Measure – Make sure we are getting reliable data on campaign performance. 

Below are the main components of our Marketing Foundation. Your foundation may include some or all of these, depending on how we are working together.

Project Brief

Purpose: Makes sure our team of specialists is aligned as we work together to reach your growth goals.

Main Components:

  • Clarification of project growth goals
  • Overview of strategy
  • Our starting point and desired end goal
  • Notes on how we plan to reach our growth goal

Segment Research + Brief

Purpose: Clarify who we are marketing to for this specific product / service / topic.

Main Components of Each Segment:

  • Demographics
  • Core motivations
  • Other options for fulfilling their need (relevant competitors)
  • Main search terms used along their journey to solve the core problem related to the solution you offer

Competitor Research

Purpose: Learn from what your competitors are doing well and take advantage of their weaknesses. 

Method: We collect data on what your competitors are doing and how they are performing.

  • Organic Search – Keyword performance, website content, and offers. 
  • Paid Search – Ads, keyword bids, budget, landing pages, and offers. 

Keyword Research + Prioritization + Tracking

Purpose: To understand what your target audience is searching for online so we can develop a prioritized strategy to help you rank for the most valuable keywords. 


  1. Identify the search terms our target audience is searching. 
  2. Narrow our focus down to the most important terms. 
  3. Track our keyword rank performance over time so we can measure progress and gather insights for improvements. 
  4. Prioritize our actions so all our work supports your growth goals in the most efficient way. 

Attribution Tracking + Reporting Setup

Purpose: Collect reliable data that will help us make informed decisions. 

How We Work: We make decisions based on the best available data. We set up attribution tracking so we know where our site visitors, leads, and sales come from. Our reporting structure helps us track progress, visualize data into trends, and get stronger with time. Common KPIs:

  • Keyword Rankings
  • Site Visits 
  • Leads
  • Sales

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