Segment Brief + Journey

How to accelerate growth with focus and clarity for your marketing

The foundation of a winning digital marketing strategy is clarity on who you are trying to reach and how you communicate with them.

In this guide you will learn about the two fundamental parts of your marketing foundation:

Part 1: Defining Your Market Segments

Part 2: Defining A Segment Journey

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Part 1: Defining Your Market Segments

The success of your digital marketing depends on how well you can communicate with your target audience.

The clearer you are about each specific group of people you want to reach, the better you can communicate with them. Reasons to define your segments:

  1. Clarify who you are trying to reach.
  2. Clarify what their needs and concerns are.
  3. Clarify how you should be communicating with them.

Example: Two very different segments

How would you communicate with these two types of people differently?

Why defining your segments is important

Defining your segments helps you communicate better across your digital channels and makes it easier for you to scale your organization.

With a clear Segment Brief:

  • Connection with your audience
  • Writing is easier
  • Learning is faster
  • Team coordination is simplified

Without a clear Segment Brief:

  • Friction between you and your audience
  • Confusion about how to write
  • Learning is more difficult
  • Less consistency across channels

Segment brief essentials:

  • Make it simple
  • Refine it so it is clear
  • Answer these questions:
    • Who is included in this segment?
    • What problem are they experiencing?
    • What solution do we have to offer?

Part 2: Defining A Segment Journey

The better you understand the multiple touch points a person will have on their journey to becoming a supporter, the better you can meet them with the right information each step of the way.

The key to a successful journey is smooth communication.

More Friction = Difficult for your potential supporters to get the information they are looking for and less likely they will support your organization.

Less Friction = Easy for your potential supporters to learn about your cause and more likely they will support you.

The clearer you are about your segment’s journey, the easier it will be for you to make it smooth.

Every segment has its own journey

Example: Journey through Google Adwords

Segment Journey essentials:

  • Make it simple
  • Refine it so it is clear
  • Answer these questions:
    • How can you communicate with them when they don’t know you exist yet?
    • How can you communicate the right information with them to build trust?
    • What action will this segment take when they are ready?

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