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Orientation: Progress Reports

Introduction: How To Read Reports

Month 1: What To Expect

Our effort in month one is focused on research and foundation setup. Our main activities include:

  • Project & Focus Segment Briefs
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Attribution Tracking & Reporting Setup

For more details on these activities see: What is a marketing foundation?

Overview of Progress Report Structure

This series of short videos will explain how our reports are organized. After this short orientation you’ll be able to read our progress reports so that at a glance you can know how our effort is supporting your growth.

Report Structure

Part 1: Executive Summary

Part 2: Paid Search Channel

Part 3: Organic Search Channel

Part 4: Keyword Rankings

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there low or no data in my report?

If you do not have historical data from Google Analytics, you will not see any past website data in your report. We will help you set up Google Analytics and start collecting data on website performance, but we will only able to see data collected after setup.

What is the difference between the channels in the “Channel Breakdown”?

The channel breakdown in the Executive Summary shows us how people are reaching your website. For an explanation of each channel, see: What are channels?

What is a KPI?

KPI – Key Performance Indicator. KPIs are metrics we use to measure progress and growth. Common KPIs include: website sessions (visits to your site), email subscribers, form submissions, sales, calls, and donations.

Submit Your Questions

If you have additional questions, submit them here and we’ll get you answers. If you’d like have a call to discuss your report, let us know here and we will reach out to schedule a time with you: