What are channels?

Channels are a way of measuring how people reach your website. Understanding how people reach your website can help you improve the way you reach people and raise awareness for your business or organization. Here are the most common channels you will see in Google Analytics and progress reports: Organic Search – Website visitors who […]

Overlooked Fundamentals That Are Eating Your Budget

3 Digital Marketing Fundamentals That Will Save You Budget & Time We limit our growth potential when we deprive ourselves of the fundamental tools that make marketing work.  More importantly, it is a disservice to our organization and the people we seek to help, when we do not adhere to the principles of responsible marketing. […]

Setting Effective Growth Goals

If you’re leading a marketing campaign for your organization you probably use goals and milestones to pave your path and measure progress. How do you set effective goals?  Proper goal setting increases your effectiveness in fulfilling your organization’s mission. Poor goal setting leads to confusion, stress, and sub-par results. This article helps clarify the role […]

Scorecard: A Framework for Evaluating Marketing Spend

Comparing marketing campaigns and channels can be simple and straight-forward if you have the right framework. When your board or management team asks you… What is our best marketing channel? How is our website performing? You should have a simple report that gives them a clear explanation. This example scorecard shows top marketing channels and […]

Focus On The Channels That Will Get Results

Your job is to get the best result possible for your organization’s investment. Results may include: Raising Funds Growing Members / Supporters Growing Email List Raising Awareness How confident are you that you’re using your budget effectively? Questions Answered Today: What are my options for spending marketing budget? How do I decide which channels to […]

Refresher: The Top 4 Digital Channels

Each channel has its strengths and weaknesses. Here are the core 4 channels and the main considerations for each. Paid Search The two most common paid search platforms are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. They are popular because they work. Strength – Fast results and clear outcomes (it’s relatively easy to evaluate your spend vs […]

The Purpose of Your Website

Why does my website REALLY exist? Seriously… Subscribe for Free Tips For: Impact Entrepreneurs Why does your website exist? If your organization (freelancer, small business, corporation, non-profit) exists to solve a specific problem for a specific person… Then, what role does your website play in this journey? Your website exists to help someone else solve […]

How To Overcome Your Fear of Fixing Your Website

Why do we resist change even when we know it is what we need? If you have the feeling your website is not performing at its best… this short post can help you clarify and overcome this common challenge. The most common website challenges for cause-driven businesses: Our competitors are outperforming us We don’t know […]

6 Signals Your Website May Be Sending To Prospects

Your website doesn’t just represent you business. It represents HOW you do business and WHAT you stand for. Your website directly and subliminally sends signals to your prospects, partners, and anyone else who finds you on the web about what type of business you are and what it’s like to work with you. What is […]

How To Create An Effective Case Study

For responsible organizations who want to grow support for their cause. Case studies are a great way to: Raise awareness for the work your organization does Build trust with potential supporters When done properly, case studies are a powerful asset for your organization. However, if you are missing even one element of what it takes […]