What are channels?

Channels are a way of measuring how people reach your website. Understanding how people reach your website can help you improve the way you reach people and raise awareness for your business or organization. Here are the most common channels you will see in Google Analytics and progress reports: Organic Search – Website visitors who […]

What is a marketing foundation?

Our Marketing Foundation Our marketing foundation enables us to be effective as a team across multiple channels. This research and documentation process helps us: Focus – Ensure we know your growth goals and everything we do supports them.  Clarify – Learn who our target audience is and how to reach them.  Measure – Make sure […]

Orientation: Progress Reports

Introduction: How To Read Reports Month 1: What To Expect Our effort in month one is focused on research and foundation setup. Our main activities include: Project & Focus Segment Briefs Competitor Research Keyword Research Attribution Tracking & Reporting Setup For more details on these activities see: What is a marketing foundation? Overview of Progress […]

Google Ad Grant Activation Guide

Your Step by Step Guide (2021) Required: Before you can activate the $10k per month Google Ad Grant for your nonprofit, you need to have an active Google for Nonprofits account. If you don’t have an active Google for Nonprofits account follow our step by step guide: How To: Activate Your Google for Nonprofits Account […]

How To Apply for Google Ad Grant

Your Step by Step Guide (2021) This guide will walk you through the entire process, from start to finish, of activating the $10k per month Google Ad Grant for your nonprofit. Easiest Guide Online – The only thing easier than following this guide, is having someone activate the Ad Grant for you. Want a pro […]

How To Provide Access To Adwords Account

This step-by-step guide will show you how to add someone to your Google Adwords account and select the appropriate level of permissions. Step 1: Login To Adwords Step 2: Navigate To Tools & Settings Step 3: Navigate To Access & Security Step 4: Select The “+” To Add New User Step 5-7: Enter The Email, […]

How To: Add User To Your Google Analytics Account

This guide will take you step by step through the process of adding a new user to your Google Analytics account. Step 1: Login To Google Analytics analytics.google.com Step 2: Navigate To The Admin Section Step 3: Navigate to “Account User Management” Note: Make sure you are on the account for the website you want […]